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Past Shows, 2014

Wednesday, November 19 - 1. Hans Von Spakovsky, Heritage Foundation - "Obama's Unilateral Amnesty Really Will Be Unprecedented and Unconstitutional" 2. Obama and immigration continued. 3. Mike looks at yesterday's Keystone Pipeline vote. 4. Guest: Tim Graham, Media Research Center - Media Ignores Jonahan Gruber Affair

Tuesday, November 18 - Ross Kaminsky, guest host. 1. Ross gives his reaction to the Jerusalem temple killings. 2. Guest: David Rubin, former mayor of Shiloh, Israel - The killings today in a Jerusalem temple. 3. 21 year old New Jersey woman sues her estranged parents for her college education and wins. 4. Guest: Jordan Richardson, Heritage Foundation - Civil Asset Forfeiture Reform Goes Mainstream.

Monday, November 17 - Ross Kaminsky, guest host. 1. Ross illustrates how President Obama is lying about the White House connection with Jonathan Gruber. 2. Money Monday with financial expert, Jordan Goodman. 3. A preview of the Michael Brown Ferguson decision.

Friday, November 14 - Jon Caldara, guest host. 1. Sikh man wants to wear beard and turban in the military. He says the military is asking him to choose between his love of country and his faith. 2. Obama set to take executive action on immigration after repeatedly saying he can't legislate from the oval office. 3. School changes their hall of heroes from people like Einstein and mother Teresa to Maya Angelou, President Obama, and J.K. Rowling.

Thursday, November 13 - Jon Caldara, guest host. 1. Douglas County Schools receive highest ratings by Colorado Department of Education. 2. Actress who played Congresswoman on TV show is clueless on the so called "Republican War on Women." 3. California law prohibits gun stores from displaying guns in their window. 4. President Obama will unilaterally make immigration reform decisions as early as next week.

Wednesday, November 12 - 1. Guest: Katie Kerwin McCrimmon, Health News Colorado - "Blown-out Budget Infuriates Exchange Board Member." 2. Second Jonathan Gruber video surfaces calling the American public "stupid." 3. Charles Harrington Elster, English and Grammar Expert

Tuesday, November 11 - 1. Mike plays MacArthur's Farewell Speech and Il Silenzio for Veterans Day. 2. Al Jazeera network and MSNBC ratings plummet. 3. Sharyl Attkisson, author of, " My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation, and Harassment in Obama's Washington."

Monday, November 10 - 1. Mike shares entries from the mothers' dictionary. 2. Stupid letters to the editor. 3. 3rd party impact on elections. 4. Money Monday with financial expert, Jordan Goodman.

Friday, November 7 - 1. Mike critiques Denver Post editorial on what Congress has to do after the election. 2. A look at demographics in Tuesday's election. 3. Guest: David Inserra, Heritage Foundation - Discussing Josh Siegal's Daily Signal article on immigration reform and the battle between president Obama and the Congress. 4. Mike and Christian Toto review the new film, "St. Vincent" and "Nightcrawler." For smart, trustworthy news and reviews, visit Christian's website at

Thursday, November 6 - 1.Guest: Reverend Robert A. Sirico, President of the Acton Institute - Pope Francis Says God, Big Bang Theory May Coexist. 2. Mike deconstructs email sent by progressive group about the election. 3. Ann Coulter blasts Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. 4. More post election talk.

Wednesday, November 5 - 1. Guest: Greg Brophy, Colorado State Senator - Analysis of yesterday's election results by Mike and Greg.

Tuesday, November 4 - 1. Denver Post runs pro Hickenlooper story with spun headline on front page above the fold on election day. 2. Mike looks at key races to watch tonight. 3. Election day talk.

Monday, November 3 - 1. Election talk. 2. Money Monday with financial expert Jordan Goodman.

Friday, October 31 - 1. Guest: Mark Steyn, author of, "The Undocumented Mark Steyn: Don't Say You Weren't Warned." 2. Worst political ad attacks Cory Gardner sponsored by NARAL. 3. Udall sign carriers get paid $100 per day. 4. Movie Review: Mike and Christian Toto review "Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)" For smart, trustworthy movie news and reviews, visit 5. Politically incorrect Halloween don'ts.

Thursday, October 30 - 1. Ebola and charges of racism. 2. Guest: Ellyn Hilliard, Boulder County Republican Chairman - Some Boulder County Election Judges are Democrats Posing As Republicans. 3. More Ebola talk. 4. Guest: Dinesh D'Souza discusses the launch of the DVD of his documentary "America: Imagine the World Without Her." 

Wednesday, October 29 - 1. Harvard study shows that young voters are voting Republican in this election. 2. Election talk. 3. Guest: Joel Kotkin, author of, "The New Class Conflict"

Tuesday, October 28 - 1. Guest: Scott Gessler, Colorado Secretary of State - Ballot Signature Discrepancy Issue. 2. Guest: John Lott, President of the Crime Prevention Research Center - Statistics on black teens shot by police. 3. Hillary Clinton says businesses don't create jobs and then flip flops 3 days later.

Monday, October 27 - 1. Mike deconstructs letter to the editor on Mike's column on Ebola. 2. Chipotle bag has quote advocating no work but love by George Saunders. 3. Money Monday with financial expert Jordan Goodman.

Friday, October 24 - 1. Mike looks at what might be the aftermath of the midterm elections. He examines expectations of the left and right. Mike and Christian Toto review the film "Fury". For smart, trustworthy movie news and reviews, visit

Thursday, October 23 - 1. Seth Cropsy Hudson Institute - "A Naval Disaster in the Making". 2. Mike examines the Ebola situation.

Wednesday, October 22 - 1. Mike follows up on the Iraq yellow cake story. 2. Partisan letter to the editor of the day. 3. Autopsy of Michael Brown supports account of police officer. 4. Voter fraud threats in Colorado. 5. Guest: John L. Casey, author of, "Dark Winter: How the Sun is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell."

Tuesday, October 21 - 1. Mike reads column by Harvard Yiddish scholar, Ruth Wisse "Vote for Tom Cotton-and Redeem Harvard. The Army veteran is also an alum of a school that needs to have its patriotic bona fides buffed." 2. Mike deconstructs letter to the editor criticizing the Denver Post for endorsing Mike Coffman. 3. Megyn Kelly interview with the lawyer for the Fort Hood shooter. 4. NY Times admits that Bush was right about WMD in Iraq. 5. Guest: Charles T. Rubin, author of "Eclipse of Man: Human Extinction and the Meaning of Progress."

Monday, October 20 - 1. David Bossie, Producer of "Rocky Mountain Heist." 2. Mike shows why Betsy Markey is unqualified to be state treasurer in Colorado. 3. Mike shares email conservatism in the Republican party. 4. Money Monday with financial expert, Jordan Goodman. 5. Charles Krauthammer on midterm elections. 6. Government and the economy.

Friday, October 17 - 1. V-J Day Photo controversy over whether the woman being kissed was being assaulted. Mike reacts to the criticism. 2. Minor party's effect on elections. 3. Mike reviews "The Judge" with Christian Toto. For smart, trustworthy entertainment news and reviews visit

Thursday, October 16 - 1. Andy Peth, President of "The Party of Choice" 2. George Leing 3. Mike Coffman

Wednesday, October 15 - 1. Mike gives his recommendations on ballot initiatives 2. Ed Klein, author of, "Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas."

Tuesday, October 14 - 1. John Andrews - Jeffco School Board 2. Jim Komadina, Running Anti-Udall Ad in Denver Post. 3. Stanley Kurtz, National Review - AP History Standards

Monday, October 13 - 1. Story from the UK about a women and her leech. 2. Reaganomics- correcting false claims in letter to the editor 3. Deconstruction of a letter to the editor about his JeffCo column 4. Money Monday with financial expert Jordan Goodman. 5. Denver Post endorses Cory Gardner for US Senate.

Friday, October 10 - 1. Andrew McCarthy, National Review - "The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist". 2. Mike and Christian Toto review "Gone Girl." For smart, trustworthy entertainment news and reviews visit

Thursday, October 9 - 1. John Carson, candidate for CU Regent. 2. Mike critiques John Lennon's "Imagine" and plays a parody by Tim Hawkins. 3. Mia Farrow is paid $188 thousand for attacking Chevron in Equador. 4. Denver Mayor, Michael Hancock - The mayor answers listeners' questions during his monthly visit with Mike.

Wednesday, October 8 - 1. Jeff Bridich, new GM of the Colorado Rockies holds his first press conference. 2. Mike relates the worst of Joe Biden's gaffes. 3. Mike deconstructs a letter to the editor on Jeffco. 4. Christopher Kelly, author of, "America Invades: How We've Invaded or been Militarily Involved with almost Every Country on Earth."

Tuesday, October 7 - 1. Brad Birzer, Visiting Scholar in Conservative Thought and Policy at the University of Colorado, Boulder. 2. Sean Gallagher - Supreme Court decision on gay marriage. 3. You Tube of comedy routine on an "Indian Bank Robber" Mike reads comments by Indians. 4. An example of political correctness at the Denver Post.

Monday, October 6- 1. U.S. Ebola troop mission to Africa is not justified. 2. Mike deconstructs letter to the editor on Gardner - Udall race. 3. Money Monday with financial expert Jordan Goodman. 4. Mike deconstructs Denver Post letter to the editor on Doug Lamborn. 5. Why Jimmy Carter lost in 1980.

Friday, October 3 - 1.Sheila Atwell, Jeffco Students First and Jerry Bell, KOA reporter who viewed last night's Jeffco school board meeting. 2. ike and Christian Toto review "The Zero Theorem" and "The Equalizer" For smart, trustworthy entertainment news and reviews visit

Thursday, October 2 - 1. JEFFCO students say why they are demonstrating. 2. Mike deconstructs their comments. 3. Frederick Hess, A.E.I - 10 Thoughts on the New AP U.S. History Framework

Wednesday, October 1 - 1. Today Show blasts Jeopardy for category "What women want." Calls show sexist. 2. Steve Malanga, Manhattan Institute - Calpers, Nations Biggest Pension Fund , to End Hedge Fund Investments 3. Should the penny be eliminated? 4. FCC threatens to ban word "Redskins" from on air broadcasts.

Tuesday, September 30 - 1. Benjamin Netanyahu warns UN general assembly about Iran nuclear capability. 2. The spending on K-12 education is more than you think. 3. An example of NCAA bureaucratic excess. 4. You Tube of Obama's hypocrisy. 5. NBC contradicts Obama claims of ignorance of ISIS danger. 3. Channel 9 News debunks anti Beauprez ad. 4. Use of gun to stop Oklahoma man who beheaded woman

Monday, September 29 - 1. Laura Carno, Founder of - The so called "War Against Women" 2. Money Monday with financial expert Jordan Goodman

Friday, September 25 - 1. IRS targets pro constitution groups. 2. Mike deconstructs letter to the editor. 3. Mike examines state wide ballot issues. 3. Mike and Christian Toto review 'A Walk Among the Tombstones'.

Thursday, September 24 - 1. Mike roasts Obama for his arrogance. 2. Michelle Obama flubs history. 3. Obama give coffee cup salute. 4. Update Jeffco student walk out 5. Breakdown of John Ford 's interview. 6. Tim Graham - ISIS Victims' Families Speak Out. 7. Dan Gainor, Show 'Madame Secretary' Inspired by Hillary

Wednesday, September 23 - 1. Kamikaze video on Rosen Files. 2. Mike reads A college chemistry paper on hell. 3. Denver Post poll on Jeffco teacher sickout. 4. Mike comments on the Denver Post debate between Andrew Romanoff and Mike Coffman. 5. NLRB has become a tool of President Obama. Mike provides the latest example. 6. Radical leftist, Naiomi Klein uses climate change to rid America of capitalism. Mike surveys the latest developments in public education curricula.

Tuesday, September 22 - 1. Mike deconstructs two stupid letters to the editor on the Jeffco teacher and student walkouts. 2. Fred Burton, author of, "Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi."


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