Rosen Past Shows


Past Shows, 2014

Monday, September 29 - 1. Laura Carno, Founder of - The so called "War Against Women" 2. Money Monday with financial expert Jordan Goodman

Friday, September 25 - 1. IRS targets pro constitution groups. 2. Mike deconstructs letter to the editor. 3. Mike examines state wide ballot issues. 3. Mike and Christian Toto review 'A Walk Among the Tombstones'.

Thursday, September 24 - 1. Mike roasts Obama for his arrogance. 2. Michelle Obama flubs history. 3. Obama give coffee cup salute. 4. Update Jeffco student walk out 5. Breakdown of John Ford 's interview. 6. Tim Graham - ISIS Victims' Families Speak Out. 7. Dan Gainor, Show 'Madame Secretary' Inspired by Hillary

Wednesday, September 23 - 1. Kamikaze video on Rosen Files. 2. Mike reads A college chemistry paper on hell. 3. Denver Post poll on Jeffco teacher sickout. 4. Mike comments on the Denver Post debate between Andrew Romanoff and Mike Coffman. 5. NLRB has become a tool of President Obama. Mike provides the latest example. 6. Radical leftist, Naiomi Klein uses climate change to rid America of capitalism. Mike surveys the latest developments in public education curricula.

Tuesday, September 22 - 1. Mike deconstructs two stupid letters to the editor on the Jeffco teacher and student walkouts. 2. Fred Burton, author of, "Under Fire: The Untold Story of the Attack in Benghazi."


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